Rejseplanen Commute

Conceptual design proposal
Project Overview
Incorporating a ride-sharing element into the existing Rejsplanen mobile application.

What is Rejseplanen?
Nationwide digital platform for accessing real-time information about public transportation. 
Several interactive Hi-Fi mobile prototype showcasing use cases of the proposed concept.
Initial ideation
A student and I began discussing and simultaneously sketching flows and ideas. Using whiteboard-surfaced iPhone-canvases, we were able to ideate and sketch rapidly at low cost, while maintaining the constraints of mobile UI design.

System ideation
Using the physical canvases, we were able to work open and quickly iterate on different use cases related to our system design and user flows.

Lo-Fi prototyping and evaluation
Using a simple prototyping app, we created Lo-Fi prototypes around different use-cases and evaluated these with relevant users. 

System definition
With insights from the evaluations, we designed UI wireframes with Sketch and used these as a final way of defining the system and it’s use-cases before designing a Hi-Fi prototype